Andy stomped back to his room.

The triplets were standing in the middle of the room.  They had their fists on their waists.  They were glaring at Andy.  “You wrecked our fort!” said Johnny.

“You wrecked my room!” said Andy.

“It’s our room!” said Donny.

“Yeah, our room!” said Ronny.

“Not all of it,” said Andy.  “You messed up my tigers.”

“Uh uh,” said Donny.  “They were just running away because they don’t like you.”

“And you dumped out my clothes,” said Andy.

“Uh uh,” said Ronny.  “The tigers dumped them out.  They were mad at you.”

“Not true,” said Andy.  He could play the tiger game too. “The tigers told me that you threw them on my bed.  They don’t like to be thrown.  And they are mad that you blamed them for my messy clothes.  They don’t like that either.  And they told me that they are going to eat you guys tonight when you’re asleep.”

The triplet’s eyes got wide.  “They did not!” said Johnny.

“Yes they did,” said Andy.  “While you were at the Benson’s.  They told me that you messed up our room.  And that you tipped over my chair.  And that you are mean to them.  And they think you’re all just the right size to eat.”

“That’s not true!” said Donny.

“You’re lying!” said Ronny.  “Besides, your tigers can’t eat us.  They’re not real tigers.  They’re just stuffed.”

“They’re just stuffed during the day,” said Andy.  “But at night they come alive.  And you haven’t seen them become alive because you’re always sleeping.  But I’ve seen them come alive.  They came alive last night.  They jumped onto your beds and looked at you.  And they told me they wanted to eat you.”

The triplets looked nervously at the white tigers.

“But I told them they can’t eat you,” said Andy, “without my permission.  And that’s why they didn’t eat you.  Yet.  But unless you clean up all of my stuff you messed up, I’m going to tell them tonight that they can eat you all up!”

The triplets were silent for a minute.  And then Donny said, “Okay, we’ll clean up your stuff.  Just tell your tigers not to eat us.”

“Tell them we don’t want to be eaten,” said Ronny.

“Yeah,” said Johnny.  “Tell them…hey, wait a minute!  I have an idea.  We’ll take turns staying awake so we can keep the tigers from eating us!”

“Good idea,” said Ronny.

“First I’ll stay awake and keep the tigers away,” said Donny.  “And then Ronny will stay awake.  And then Johnny will stay awake.  And all night long one of us will be awake.”

“And we won’t have to clean up Andy’s mess!” said Johnny.

“All right!” said Donny.  “Let’s get weapons to protect us from the tigers!”  And all three ran off to their closet, and their toy box, and under their beds, digging for things they could use to fight off the tigers.

That was the last straw.  Andy had tried to reason with his brothers.  But they were impossible.  He had to get his own room.  Now.

He turned back to his desk and turned the page in the booklet.


“Step Three:  Demand.”


He left the triplets making an even bigger mess in the room, and marched back to the living room.


“Mom, I want my own room RIGHT NOW!  GIVE IT TO ME!”


This time Andy’s mom looked up from her book.  “Why Andy, even if I wanted to give you your own room, I wouldn’t do it after you talked to me like that.”