Andy found the booklet on the way home from school.  The fall windstorm he was leaning into blew it up against his right leg.  It stuck.  He tried to kick it free, but he couldn’t.

Andy stopped walking and kicked again.  The booklet stayed stuck to his leg.

He turned around, his back to the wind and kicked.  The wind should have helped blow the booklet off his leg, but it didn’t.  He kicked the booklet with his left foot.  It didn’t help.  He kicked his right foot twice more, then danced around wildly, trying to get rid of the booklet.

But it stayed stuck.  It was as if the booklet were part of his pants.

He stopped dancing, reached down, and picked up the booklet.  It pulled away easily from his leg.

He was going to toss it onto the sidewalk behind him, but he decided not to.  Kicking it wouldn’t have felt like littering to him.  But somehow, once he picked it up, it was his.  And throwing it onto the ground would make him a litterbug.

He leaned into the wind and continued walking.  He’d throw the booklet away when he came to a garbage can.

As Andy walked, the wind eased up, and then stopped.  And then, because the wind let him, and because he had nothing else to do, Andy looked at the booklet.


“How to Get What You Want (In Ten Easy Steps)”.


“What I want is to throw this away,” Andy said.  He looked around for a garbage can.  None was in sight.

Okay, so maybe there were other things he wanted.  He could think of three things he wanted right off the top of his head.  And those were only school things.  He thought of four things he wanted at home.  And five things he wanted for Christmas.  When he thought about it, Andy realized that he wanted a lot of things.

He looked at the booklet again.  Could getting what you want really be that easy?


Finally, he found a garbage can.

He didn’t throw the booklet away.