When Andy went back in his room, it was an even bigger mess.  The triplets had pulled all of their toys from under the bed.  And from out of their toy box.  And from out of their closet.  And they’d thrown everything all over the room.

Everything but the toys they’d chosen as weapons.  Johnny, Donny and Ronny sat on their beds, surrounded by baseball bats, and action figures, and plastic swords.

“Your tigers won’t eat us now!” said Johnny.  “If they try, we’ll conquer them!”

“Cause we’ve got lots of weapons made specially for fighting tigers,” said Donny.

“And we’re going to stay awake all night,” said Ronny.

“And they’re not even going to get to our beds,” said Johnny, “because we set booby traps all over the room.”

“And if they try to get us in the middle of the night,” said Ronny, “they’ll step on a booby trap and they’ll go KABOOM!”

“Like you’re going to go when you step on a booby trap,” said Donny.

“These aren’t booby traps,” said Andy.  “They’re your toys.”  He kicked a plastic car back under their bunk beds.

“KABOOM!” said Johnny.  “You blew up!”

“I did not,” said Andy.  “I’m right here because your stupid booby traps are just your toys.  Want me to show you?”  And Andy started walking around the room, stepping on the triplets’ toys.

“Hey, stop that!” said Donny.

“You’re breaking our toys!” said Ronny.

“No, I’m not,” said Andy.  “They’re booby traps and I’m blowing them up.  KABOOM!  KABOOM!  KABOOM!”

“We’re telling Mom!” said Johnny.  And the triplets’ jumped off their beds and ran out of the room

“KABOOM!  KABOOM!  I WANT MY OWN ROOM!” shouted Andy after them.


When the triplets were gone, Andy went back to the booklet and turned the page.  It was time to try again.


“Step Four:  Chant.  Over and over.”


Andy closed his eyes and started chanting.

“I..want..my own..room!

I..want..my own..room!”

I..want..my own..room!

I..want..my own..room!”

“Nope,” said Mom.  Andy opened his eyes.  His mom was in the room, frowning.  Surrounding her were the triplets, smiling.